Student Leadership Team

Meet our Student Leaders!

Jessica Mar – Small Group Leader, President


This is Jessica! A current senior Psychology major (double-minoring in HSI and Kinesiology) from Fremont, CA, Jessica is the President of the SJSU InterVarsity ME chapter and is also leading the Asian-American small group! In her free time, Jessica enjoys bouldering, making dad jokes, and finishing off one of 50 TV shows she’s currently binge-watching though.

Jessica has a heart for helping people and seeing the good in them. A fun fact about Jessica is that she’s double-jointed in her thumbs!



Joshua Tsai – Logistics, Treasurer


This is Josh Tsai! A super senior Nursing major from Anaheim, CA, Josh helps run logistics in our leadership team and is also Treasurer of the SJSU InterVarsity ME chapter. In his free time, Josh likes to cook and watch videos about cooking.

Josh has a heart for students who are seeking community on campus and transfers. Fun fact! One time Josh ate a double-double from In-n-Out in 53 seconds.



Kiana Wong – Small Group Leader


This is Kiana! A senior Social Work major from San Francisco, CA, Kiana currently leads Real Talk, a small group talking about topics that are very real! In her spare time, Kiana loves finding coffee shops to read in and making Spotify playlists.

Kiana has a heart. Fun fact! Kiana is obsessed with Money Heist (a TV show not the occupation). 





Johanna Chen – Small Group Leader


This is Johanna! A second-year Statistics major from Santa Clara, CA, Johanna currently runs Back to Basics, an Old Testament focused small group! In her spare time she likes to read 🤓📚 or go outdoors to catch some animals/ bugs 🐛.

Johanna has a heart for people who are still searching for something or someone to fulfill them. A fun fact about Johanna is that she wants to open up a cafe / ice cream 🍦 shop with her friends so she is currently testing different ice cream flavors!


Amanda Lee – Large Group Coordinator, Social Media Admin(da)


This is Amanda! A second-year Kinesiology major with a concentration in Rehab Sciences from San Dimas, CA, Amanda co-leads Large Group and also runs our chapter social media accounts! In her free time, Amanda loves making memes and sleeping!

Amanda has a heart for helping others. Fun fact! Her favorite type of plant-based milk is oat!



Alice Thiurl – Large Group Coordinator


This is Alice! A senior Math major from Kenya, Alice co-leads Large Group. Her hobbies include singing in her native language (Kikuyu) and hanging out with her friends!

Alice has a heart for seeing people experiencing God in their daily lives! A fun fact about Alice is that her family calls her Tito.





Lyn Placencia, Worship Team Leader


This is Lyn! A Nutritional Sciences major concentrating in Dietetics from Vallejo, Lyn leads the worship team! Her hobbies include reading and napping.

Lyn has a heart for seeing togetherness on campus! Fun fact: Lyn is obsessed with cats.




Joshua Oh – Small Group Apprentice


This is Josh Oh! A (third-year/super-senior) Math major in Preparation for Teaching from Southern California, Josh is apprenticed to Johanna and helps with the Back to Basics small group! When he’s not busy, Josh loves sports and spending time watching baseball, basketball, football, and sometimes soccer. He also enjoys playing games of any kind, including board games, outdoor games, and video games.

Josh has a heart for a building a strong community that is nurturing, loving, and inviting to all!! Fun fact: When he was a kid, he loved sweets so much that one time he had to get 8 teeth pulled out because he had way too many cavities…Habits die hard, and he still eats way too many sweets!



David Duarte – Small Group Apprentice, Worship Team Member


This is David! A second-year Kinesiology major from Modesto, CA, David is apprenticed to Kiana and helps with the Real Talk small group! In his free time, David likes to play and listen to music, hiking, and sports.

David has a heart for seeing God moments in our daily lives by pouring out love and compassion for each other like never before! Fun fact: David can play rock, paper, scissors and will choose rock every time. He also still doesn’t understand if you shoot on scissors or on shoot. 



AJ Diokno – Worship Team Member


This is AJ! A third-year double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology from San Francisco, CA, AJ is part of the worship team! AJ’s hobbies include singing and playing guitar and piano.

AJ has a heart for seeing God’s grace working through people’s lives! A fun fact about AJ is that she has two mischievous cats.




Wanna see what our leadership team is up to? Have an interest in reaching out to a corner of the campus? We meet Mondays at 7pm, contact a leader for more information!