Large Group

What is Large Group?

Large Group is our weekly gathering, where small groups and visitors come to encounter God and grow in their faith. We welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs to explore and learn about Jesus. We love answering tough questions and providing a place for reflection, prayer, and musical worship.

What can you expect?

A speaker will discuss faith topics relevant to college students, with teaching points drawn from the Bible. They will offer practical ways in which you can apply what they have mentioned to your life. At anytime during the night, you can find a staff worker around the room to pray with you. After the message, the band will come back to close the night with a few more songs.

When Large Group ends, you are invited to join us for socializing with everyone in the community, as you mingle with your small group, meet people from our different ministries, make new friends, and hang out with the staff! Afterwards, we usually have a After Large-Group Activity (ALFA) where we do some kind of fun activity to end the night.

Time & Location

For the the Spring of 2020, we meet weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 pm in the Student Union (indicated with a red star).

This semester's Large Group meetings will be held in Room (pending).







After Large group Fun Activity (A.L.F.A.)

A.L.F.A's are an excellent way to connect with other students and have fellowship with one another. After the Large Group meetings, join us from 8:30-9:30 p.m. for exciting activities!

Upcoming A.L.F.A Events

Check back January 2020 to see what we're doing for ALFA in the spring semester!





You might be wondering, "What's going on in this photo?"

Come to Large Group, and find out.